The Confinement and Rape (Android)

Dark.Ryona.x15 Games released a new game called The Confinement and Rape of a Self-Assured Idol and the version is FINAL. The game’s story is about A gravure idol who you are a big fan of treats you coldly, and you kidnap her out of resentment. It’s up to you to do whatever you want with her, who has become yours.​ Developer: Dark.Ryona.x15 File Size: 267 MB Version: FINAL OS: Android Languages: English


Free Inherent Skill Nakadashi Leveling game download, reviews, gameplay screenshots and more. Download from mega, k2s, and other sources.

Loli Hoi sp Yaechan (Android)

Enjoy an Ecchi game and be careful not to hurt Yaechan by making her too strong. You can interact Chat, harass, etc. change parameters and ecchi content.

Oh My Waifu (Android)

Overview: Since Rule 34 was created, we have all dreamed of controlling those illustrations or animations, play and enjoy imagining that we are the protagonists of that little adventure, so... I decided to make it come true. Hey! virtualove here and this is OH MY WAIFU. A set of minigames where you control the action, each game is a stage with a waifu ready for you, no dialogues, no backstory, no waste of time, here you just have to take care of having a good time with your waifu favorite. Games include easy animations, physics and controls so you just install and enjoy.​

Ganyu STN (Android)

You can now stream Genshin Impact and play it without limits. This is an interesting game with stunning graphics, engaging and sexual gameplay, and an immortal cast of characters. Note that this is an adult game that you’ll love because you can play with Ganyu’s body for as much as you desire. Endeavor to make her cum in various ways. Exploit and Play With Ganyu's Body Undoubtedly, many people love playing with Ganyu for of her skills, attractive appearance, and charming personality. Many gamers choose this character and that is why the Ganyu STN app was developed.UpdatedOct 29, 2021 Compatible withAndroid 4.3+ Last version1.2 Size37 MB CategorySimulation DeveloperWasha PriceFree MODFull unlocked

Kaguya Player (Android)

Kaguya Player is a simulation game based on Japanese fiction stories. Also, it belongs to the NSFW category and is only for adult gamers. Its animated visuals and high-quality graphics make it attractive for a particular class. Actually, the main character of this story, Princess Cagua, is wandering on the planet, being an alien. She doesn’t know where to go or what to do for her safety and survival. Hence, players of this game control the girl and pass directions to rescue her. It is a click-based 2D gameplay since gamers proceed in the game using the virtual buttons on the phone screen. Their core objective is to save the lady. However, Kaguya Player is not as simple as you think. In truth, the story is full of adult scenes. The female character performs erotic and sensual roles to amuse the players. They can change her outfits, shape her body & beauty & force her to do anything they want. That’s why it targets only those gamers who show interest in sensual content.

waktu menghentikan kampus game (Android)

Time Stops at School Anime Live 2d Game For Android Best game Simulation animasi Terbaru dan Seru - YouTube全国一律送料無料 お届け日指定可。 発送日より3日前後、一部地域は3~5日前後となる場合がございます。 返品・交換について: 商品到着後21日以内。

Chikan Densha 2 (Android)

Going through an adventure with an Otori investigator.Prepare to get rape, naked and punish OwO Other Title: 痴漢電車2 新妻オトリ捜査官 ~狙われた熟れた肉体~ デラックス版 Censorship: Censored Language: English, Japanese Developer: TRYSET Break Publisher: TRYSET Break Release Date: 26/07/2019 Platform: (Android)

透明人间 (Android)

透明人间是一款休闲欢乐有趣的冒险游戏,透明人间游戏采用二次元卡通的游戏画风来进行呈现,你将要走游戏扮演一名可以随时隐身的透明顾客来进行恶搞便利店的女孩,你可以使用这个超市中的任何商品或者道具,在你恶搞成功时,会有非常多的优美CG,给你带来舒畅的游戏感受,让你感受恶作剧的游戏魅力。 透明人间游戏特色 1、透明人间,是一款欢乐休闲益智游戏。 2、沙雕的二次元卡通游戏画风,颇受玩家们喜欢。 3、超多的恶搞道具,你都可以在游戏中进行选择使用。 4、你要学会灵活使用各种技巧,躲避对方的视线,顺利完成恶搞。 透明人间游戏亮点 1、游戏还有录像复盘,你可以在录像中观察直接做的不够完善的地方。 2、是一款能够随时随地游玩的休闲欢快游戏。 3、游戏中还有多个关卡和场景,探索全新的游戏玩法。 4、游戏有非常高的自由度,任何物品你都可以随意进行捣蛋。 透明人间游戏评测 透明人间游戏里你要多加进行小心,在你偷取物品或者恶搞他人时,千万不要被店员发现,游戏还有这其他丰富的娱乐玩法,赶快下载游戏跟我一起享受欢快的游戏体验吧。

forbidden playground (Android)

About Forbidden Playground Thai language Forbidden Playground is a fun interactive game with beautiful characters. Forbidden Playground is a fun themed interactive game with beautiful characters. Forbidden Playground is an interesting love simulation game based on the funny and strange aspects of normal human life that are romantic and revolving around this theme. In this game, you get the whole feel of the dating experience. as usual From starting a conversation to getting the attention of a character to going on a date with different themes. Once you start using this awesome simulation game application. You'll find that the main goal of this game is to do everything possible within the game's ability to capture the attention and heart of its awesome female characters. Which is quite expected of your actions to win her heart. Disclaimer / Legal Notice : A new amazing guide for the forbidden playground. This app is a guide for Forbidden Playground made by fans for fans and it is not an official guide from the creators of Forbidden Playground. All rights belong to the developer of Forbidden Playground. What's new in the latest version 1.0.0 Last updated on Feb 20, 2023 New Release

URJJ (Android)

URJJ APK is one of the most popular games among Android game players. The engaging gameplay experience that this game offers has been highly praised by gamers. A simulation game in which the player assumes the role of a spy or detective. Detective work is one of the most exciting jobs in the world. Spies have been portrayed in many films as individuals who must constantly keep an eye on their targets while in hiding. Spying devices are often technologically sophisticated to enhance their effectiveness.

[2D Hentai] Milk Commissions (PC/Android)

みるこみくしょん Circle: Milk Cocoa Seiki Release: Mar/30/2021 File format: GIF / APK file / PNG / MP4 / EXE Genre: Dot/Pixel, Loli, Puni, Internal Cumshot, Urination/Peeing, Blonde Hair, Tsurupeta, No Pubic Hair A st of over 20 pixel animations I was commissioned to create! Also includes previously limited variations, looping parts, and still images! This is your place to enjoy it all at once!

JK On The Last Train (PC/Android)

The Game Last Train JK is popular among all ages. The goal of this endless runner game is to test your reflexes and reaction times while avoiding obstacles and collecting coins. This article discusses the best strategies for winning, as well as some mistakes to avoid. Zepetto has created the action-packed Last Train JK Apk game, which is a game from the popular game developer. The game involves fighting zombies on a train and saving passengers from them. A post-apocalyptic world has been overrun by zombies, making fighting your only hope of surviving. About Last Train JK APK Among the constantly changing landscape of mobile gaming, Last Train JK APK has emerged as a top choice for players around the globe. Featuring enthralling adventures, intense gameplay, and compelling graphics, players are sure to be engrossed in this game. We will explore Last Train JK's history, how to play the game, its outstanding features, as well as some tried and true strategies for playing it in this piece. It quickly became popular once it was released due to its exciting gameplay and original premise, which made it a hit with the Moyasix studio. Their inspiration came from traditional side-scrolling adventure games, which inspired them to create a fresh, immersive experience for mobile players. Thanks to the game's exquisite graphics and sound design, as well as its impressive narrative, the game has developed a strong fan base, making it a must-try game for adventure fans.

惡魔的石板和被詛咒的犬公 alpha1.1

悪魔の石板と呪いの犬姫 ◆悪魔の石板と呪いの犬姫故事 就像是曾經讀過的童話故事一般,從邪惡的惡魔手中救出公主吧。 與從封印中醒來的惡魔(被害人)堵上靈魂的生死決鬥。 被施加在自大公主身上的詛咒究竟是? 降臨在自大公主身上的恐怖的解除方法。 居然是以會話之名的魔法來俘獲公主的心,以及通過高超的技巧來政府她的肉體! 是要讓公主變成狗?還是女人呢?全部都交由你來判斷… ◆惡魔的拼圖 和惡魔的神經衰弱比賽! 麻煩? 請不用擔心,就算是輸了也可以通過技能係統在有利的狀態下重新進行戰鬥! ◆H功能 第一人稱的觸摸Flaish遊戲。 全篇使用了手繪的30FPS動畫帶來的自由觸摸體驗。 還有便利的AUTO功能和慣用手切換,根據抽插的強度反應也會變化,等。 ◆MWS(Magic Word System) 新搭載的隨機會話系統。 通過「鼓勵」「惡作劇」「讚揚」等對話來向公主的心靈施加影響,回復自己的精力。 而且每次對話,都可以享受到不一樣的反應。 ◆聲音素材 タイガーリリー/cv:柚木桃香 ◆BGM素材 甘茶の音楽工房

Nejisimtma01 (Android)

Watch H Game NejiSimNeet on, the best hardcore porn site. Pornhub is home to the widest selection of free Big Ass sex videos ...

Lonely Girl (Android)

Lonely Girl – The NFSW game takes place in a tiny dark room It can be seen that it is rare for an NFSW game to go straight to the point like Lonely Girl from the publisher of the same name. In this game, all you need to do is interact with a beautiful girl in a dark room. Without any other people appearing, you can simply chat and enjoy moments with this girl. There are many things on this girl’s body waiting for you to discover, so don’t miss this opportunity. Because it is an 18+ game, Lonely Girl will not appear on Google Play. Therefore, you can only download this game at our website via the APK link below the article. Don’t worry, the APK and MOD versions on our website are safe and compatible with many different smartphones. Easy-to-understand interactive story Most NSFW games have a roundabout story that doesn’t go straight to the main point. This makes it annoying for players to have to play over and over again to get some well-deserved reward. But Lonely Girl is the complete opposite, this game allows you to quickly jump into the main story. Everything is easy to understand and interact with. More specifically, the story in the game is inspired by a poor girl. She becomes the victim of a mysterious kidnapping and is put under house arrest in a cramped dark room. The girl huddled in a corner of the room, shivering with fear of what was to come. At this point, you will enter the room and perform different actions with the girl. Don’t rush, learn about this girl’s life before taking other actions.

Touch The Devil (Android)

The Touch The Devil Apk is a game where you can communicate with the devil. Of course, you can get an unusual feeling in the middle of the night and touch the charming monster in this mesmerizing game! It’s a lot of fun to play with someone whose beautiful face is a little scary.

Utosuya (Android)

The new game from Warumiyo Games is called Utouto Suyasuya and its version is 1.1.1. The game's story revolves around 1. A simple and fun sex simulator - Various poses of the heroine are available - Players can manipulate the heroine using their hands, mouth, and tongue - Check how the heroine changes according to the situation.

繁體中文 ねこメイドひろいました! (Android)

ねこメイドひろいました!遊戲販售網址: 贊助網站: 這裡有免費神秘補丁可以拿.如果有興趣也可以贊助下作者!補丁替換根目錄NekoHiroiMasita_1.0v_Data文件夾裡的同名文件就行了.安卓版不行(以前的這類小遊戲安卓版都有秘籍的.這款就不知道了). ねこメイドひろいました! 這是一個迷你游戲,撿起一個貓女僕,和你一起生活,是一個甜蜜而熱愛的迷你游戲, 三個全色情場景,18個不同。PC和android通信。 請 務必在購買前一定下載試用版,請檢查是否可以啟動。簡歷:Tyro Oyama 畫家:奶昔

Short Butt Sweet (Android)

A little Game Pink Tea Games whipped out in 3 weeks or so Please note that this is a short game. Probably a quick, one-play, one-fap type deal. You spank a cute girl into submission until she loves it. Use toys on her and have a little bit of fun.​ Version: 1.1 Censorship: Uncensored Language: English Developer: Pink Tea Games Release Date: 07/02/2020 Platform: Windows, Android, MacOS, Linux

lusts cupid (Android)

Overview: Lust’s Cupid, a 2D sex simulation game​ Thread Updated: 2023-06-05 Release Date: 2023-06-02 Developer: Dinotonte Patreon Censored: No Version: 0.5.7 OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android Language: English v0.5.7 New Features – Reverse Cowgirl – Hypersizes – New sliders for customization, including eyebrows, head and arms sizes – Regular and muscular variants for all body types – 12 new tattoos – Tattoo color system Bug Fixes – Fixed autovomit not working properly – Fixed mouth desync during blowjob – Fixed tear sprite appearing outside of eyes – Fixed bras on male torso – Improved many previews on Character Creation – Fixed butt sprite on doggystyle moving on its own – Fixed tattoos being duplicated on belly – Fixed cheek cosmetics not working on the blowjob scene – Fixed some vibrators interacting at the wrong angle – Merged scenery and ambience menus – Fixed coloring on beast noses – Added a “none” vagina option for male characters – Fixed seme’s neck position on doggystyle – Fixed hat rear sprites appearing behind curtain – Added hats for seme characters – Fixed seme tail not moving during blowjob – Many small visual fixes

Paradise Overlap (Android)

Paradise Overlap Games released a new game called Paradise Overlap and the version is 0.3.1 V.I.P. The game’s story is about You play “Barman” a bartender who work at “Paradise” a seaside bar in the city of LOS STELLA, a cyberpunk metropolis full of many types of people! Live your live in a cyberpunk metropolis where you may interact with the girls, serve them drinks and take care of these monster girls, would you?​ Developer: Paradise Overlap File Size: 324.4 MB Version: 0.3.1 V.I.P OS: Windows, Android Languages: English

Touch Himawari (Android)

About Touch Himawari Thai language Touch Himawari is a chat simulation game with attractive girls. Touch Himawari is a chat simulation game with attractive girls. The playability of games in Touch Himawari is very simple in design. The game is played in such a way that you cannot play any character, you get to know your life as the main character of the game. These are beautiful anime girls. Every day you have to engage and talk to them. After some time You can play with them and make them interested in you. In addition to the main game mode in Touch Himawari, you can also play many exciting mini-games, for example, shooting balls, exploring caves, mountains, etc. These games have simple gameplay but are mostly designed for enjoyment. in ball shooting game You have to go through different levels to unlock pictures of the characters. Once you pass each level You will be able to see a new image of Himawari. What's new in the latest version 1.0.0 Last updated on Mar 20, 2023 New Release

Lost Life (Android)

Download Lost Life 1.44 APK for Android. The Lost Life 1.44 APK is a simulation game you must try. There are many interesting stories in this spooky puzzle game. An exciting game can be played. Adult scenes in the game have violent scenes against women. The official version of the game uses the Russian language, which is difficult for Indonesians to understand. In this Indonesian version of Lost Life APK mode, you can change the language from Russian to English and Indonesian. Instead of the language used by third parties, it can now be more compelling and easier for players. Lost Life APK is an interesting story full of fear, horror, and adventure. In short, the game is full of sensations. This mysterious journey begins with a terrifying character from the Lost Life mode APK game whose every step predicts survival or death in future events, contests and other disasters. You will feel absolutely scared while playing. Good user presence is essential when playing Lost Life as the choices made will affect his / her future.

Nejisimneet 02 (Android)

Nejisim Neet Apk for Adults is developed by nejisim. This Apk is mainly a PC game and not an Android game. However, we are trying to convert it to Apk file so that you can use it on your phone. If you have installed Nejisim Neet Apk on your Android device or emulator, you can play this game. Here is a brief introduction to Angel and the game. When you download this App, you can be sure that it is free. Nowadays there are many types of simulation games. You can play a truck simulator where you can drive a truck in the city. Or you can have fun as a mechanic or a goat as you roam around the city and crash. But if you like matching games, you should download Nejisim Neet Mod Apk, a matching game for adults, today. It is different from regular simulation games because you can experience wild interactions here. The premise is simple, you're a woman and you've always wanted to get rid of it. Your good neighbor will help you live in a house with three beautiful girls.

和散漫的同学一起度过H生 活 (Android)

Spend life with undisciplined classmates android apk direct version download This is a very good interactive SLG game. If you like pixel-style Japanese two-dimensional games, then you must not miss this game. In the game, players will live together with their sloppy classmate Kana-chan, and there will be things like sauce and stuffing, and there will be a lot of welfare CG, etc. Come and find out.

SB orks Ryaoma BBC (Android)

Hello everyone, i'm pleased to announce that the new game i've been working on have been released for PC and Android. Welcome to the amazing onahole simulator Orks Ryona BBC. A smooth 3d hand animated eroge about ramming a massive dick inside a cute freshly captured girl. Play as a strong intimidating Ork, tasked to train and brain wash the new onahole. Simply touch the girl’s body on pelvis / ribcage / head and drag up – down to thrust or left right to move. Even tho her untrained pussy can’t fully take the Ork’s birth rod in, you can still feel the overwhelming strength as you choke the female, by moving her head to the right, which relaxes her muscles so you can go deeper. (Text: English / Voice: Japanese) (Text: 中文/ Voice: 日語) Please test compatibility with the demo version before purchase.

syahata a bad day (Android)

Syahata A Bad Day APK - It's up to you to control the protagonist so that he can escape from the zombie-filled place. Indescribable things happen if caught accidentally. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

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